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NEW - Guidelines to Contracts and Procurement (Dec 2017)

NEWLY ENDORSED BY THE HSE: Guidelines on safe and efficient basement construction directly below or near to existing structures (Revised edition available to download).

ASUC Guidelines to Safe and Efficient Structural Repairs (Edition Nov 15)

ASUC Guide to CDM 2015 changes for domestic underpinning, structural repair and basement contracts (Edition Mar 15)

Guidelines on Safe and Efficient Underpinning and Mini Piling Operations (Edition Mar 15)

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TGN O1: ASUC recommended minimum site investigation for typical domestic 1, 2 and 3 storey buildings 

TGN 02: ASUC recommended minimum standards for underpinning typical domestic 1, 2 and 3 storey buildings Stage 1:  Overview of the process

ASUC Brochure

Bulletin: The design and use of certain types of metal mini piles

Epoxy Resin Grouting as Underpinning - the ASUC opinion on this technique

Route To Successful Underpinning

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ASUC Health and Safety Statement

Information on Insurers for previously underpinned properties

Defects Insurance Guarantee Policy

ASUC Fact Sheets

Frequently Asked Questions



Structural Waterproofing Publications - Property Care Association

Best Practice Guidance Groundwater Pumping Stations serving Type C Waterproofing Systems - Property Care Association

Guidance for clients - Temporary Works

Industry Insights - Construction Skills Network

Guide to extending your home - Camden Council

Trees in Hard Landscape - Guidelines for Delivery from Trees & Design Action Group

H&S Offences Sentencing Guide

The following sites have documents which can be downloaded and may be of interest:

NHBC - Risks in domestic basement construction.

NHBC's independent research institution - the NHBC Foundation - was established in January 2006 in partnership with the BRE Trust. Focusing on the new homes industry it facilitates research and development, technology and knowledge sharing, and the capture of industry best practice. For more information on NHBC Foundation including basement project NF4 see: The project report can be downloaded from this site. The direct URL for the download is here.

BRE - Basement construction and waterproofing

Part 1: Principles of constructing a basement
Part 2: Construction, safety insulation and services. These were also produced under the NHBC Foundation project. This publication is not downloadable but can be purchased from:

The following documents may be of interest (NOT available from ASUC - contact publisher or bookseller)

Bullivant and Bradbury

This book provides a one-stop reference covering most aspects of underpinning for domestic and light industrial buildings. It looks at the causes of foundation failure, the remedial methods available and the steps involved in underpinning. 0 632 04004 1 1996

(2nd edition) 2000

Compiled by a multi-disciplinary team of experts, this title provides a practical approach to the subject of subsidence and affected buildings, reflecting current practice.   The new edition includes a chapter on trees and their management as these are responsible for over 65% of all instances of subsidence damage to domestic properties on clay subsoil.

Available from Institution of Structural Engineers

BRE Press publishes a range of relevant titles for the construction industry.